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AllTech Communications is a leading manufacturer of mobile tower trailers, Cellular on Wheels, telescoping towers, and many other innovative products that are designed to help you deploy communications equipment quickly and easily. Whether your business is searching for a mobile tower for site testing, emergency communications, site repair, a disaster recovery solution, a temporary site, or the increase of existing site capacity, AllTech Communications has a solution available that will fit your unique needs. Our mobile tower trailer systems are the perfect fit for any tower need below 150 feet. Deploying one of AllTech's mobile tower trailers can immediately generate revenue while a permanent cellular site is being constructed by bringing functionality to the site months before a scheduled permanent tower is completed.

Mobile Tower Trailers and Cell On Wheels Products By AllTech Communications

Cellular On Wheels

A "cellular on wheels" tower is a portable telecommunications tower that can be quickly and easily transported virtually anywhere to provide immediate cellular coverage. The potential uses of a portable tower are many: restoring cellular communications to an area after a major disaster or in an emergency situation; testing a potential site for a permanent fixed tower; or temporarily increasing the capacity of an existing site for a special event. Once on-site, a Cell on Wheels tower can be deployed in a matter of minutes. In designing our Cellular on Wheels and mobile tower trailers we have thoroughly analyzed the needs of the industry. Unlike other tower trailers, AllTech’s mobile tower trailer systems utilize a patented system designed to guy the mobile tower to the outriggers. With this system the footprint necessary to deploy the cell on wheels unit is minimal at only 30 feet by 35 feet, smaller than any other portable tower on the market. This gives more flexibility to the user and allows the mobile tower trailer to be used in a broader range of applications, such as urban deployment on pavement.

AllTech mobile tower trailers have redundant aircraft-strength lifting cables that qualify them as the safest product of their type on the market. For more information on all of AllTech's tower trailers and their safety features, please visit our products page.

AllTech can also assist your business with the maintenance and management of all types of mobile towers and with engineering and developing custom products.

AllTech On World Business Review

For more information on AllTech Communications and potential applications for our mobile tower trailer products, click on the video embedded below to watch World Business Review's profile on AllTech Communications and its mobile tower trailers.

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